Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

We wrapped up our weekend with fun activities. Jacob had a hockey game, on Sunday he and Lee skied with his friend Cole for 4 hours, Linds and I went to see Frozen (wonderful), and we went to see the lights at the zoo. And last night we made our Gingerbread house! It was 10x better than every other one we have made. Thankfully, Jen and I found kits where the houses were already put together, the kids just had to ice and decorate, and maybe taste a little! The holiday season is always very busy but we are enjoying every minute!


We have all seen the movie Elf, well, you should if you haven't! :) Remember the scene when Will Farrell is screaming because Santa is coming...that is my Lindsey. She loves him and gets overly excited every time we see him. She has sat on his lap three times, three different places. I am sure there will be a few more Santa laps before Christmas! Gotta love her!

Friday Night Family Night

Last Friday we took a drive to Syracuse. We decided to check off a place on our NY bucket list and eat at the original Dinosaur Barbeque! It was mouth watering delicious! Afterwards we drove through the Lights on the Lake. Jake's favorite was of course the hockey player shooting a goal!

Jingle All The Way!

Last Friday Lindsey's class had a small holiday program and celebration. Lee and I were both able to attend and it was adorable! One of her sitters was able to come watch too! She did great, she has no fear of the stage! haha

A little late..but an end of November recap!

OK I have been slacking but here is a recap! A huge suprised was received the Saturday before Thanksgiving...Lee is home! I was pretty shocked myself so you can imagine how excited the kids were! However, home is where he belongs and we are grateful he is here! There are some pictures from Thanksgiving, it was one of the best we have had! Suprising our family with Lee and a delicious dinner with our family! The kids had a Christmas program in which they sang a few songs and Lindsey took her first ski lesson of the season. We are hoping to get off skiing on her own before this winter is over, I think she is close! November is a wrap...on to December! The most wonderful time of the year!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dream Big!

It's no secret, Jake is a pretty awesome kid! Some days I wonder...will he be a hockey player bc he is pretty amazing to watch already? Will he be a doctor, he loves coming to work with me and the other day was eager to get home from school to take care of Lindsey, checking on her every 30 mins? Or maybe even a singer? Who knows, but whatever he chooses, I know he will be great at it, the world is yours my Jacob!

Girls Only

Lindsey got a bug..a girl's day out bug! This past Sunday she and I along with Jen and Leah spent the day in Syracuse. We took the girls to lunch followed by the Pirates and Princesses show. They absolutely loved it! Singing, dancing, and some of their favorite characters! Since then, she asks for a girls day every morning. Today I took her to the Cider Mill after school for a treat. Only one more week to squeeze in some donuts and cider!